Sky Hub relies on the time of its volunteers and financial support of its patrons and Tracker owner-operators.

What Do Patrons Help Us Pay For?

Sky Hub is a 100% volunteer effort. Patrons help us in three ways.


Keeping the Lights On

Sky Hub servers, data services and communications applications form the backbone of the organization


Cloud Storage Costs

All the Sky Hub sensor data that our members collect is shared with the public freely after uploading to the Sky Hub Cloud



Sky Hub is constantly improving its sensors, tracker enclosures and software. Donations allow the non-profit to test new applications and upgraded equipment.


We have big plans.  Here's what we've accomplished so far.

April 24, 2020

Sky Hub is founded.

Founded on April 24, 2020 by Steve McDaniel, Corey Gaspard and Adam Allen, Sky Hub seeks to become a fully global public search for UAP/UFO data through a grass-roots, volunteer-driven program. 

July 12, 2020.

Scientific Advisory Board is formed.

Sky Hub formed its Science Advisory Board and welcomed Dr. Cogswell as its initial Chair. Dr. Cogswell’s first tasks include interviewing and seating the additional members.

August 15, 2020

Sky Hub Tracker Created

The first version of the “Tracker” was designed by member Richard Hopf.

December 1, 2020

Sky Hub Manufacturing Begins

The first official Trackers enclosures began production via thermoforming.