2020.09.29 - Podcast UFO with Martin Willis, guest Christopher Cogswell, Ph.D. as the Chair of the Science Advisory Board 

Guest Christopher Cogswell, Ph.D. as the Chair of the Science Advisory Board of SkyHub, discusses SkyHub’s worldwide search for UFOs using a global network of machine learning, smart cameras, and sensor arrays built by you with their open-source software for the largest observational science project in history. Chris encourages everyone to get involved and has a great philosophy about the UFO mystery.

2020.08.12 - Spaced Out Radio with Bob McGuire & Steve McDaniel

A new feature on Spaced Out Radio starts tonight, as Science Bob and Friends takes over the second Wednesday of each month. Lifelong scientist, Bob McGwier, who recently retired from Virginia Tech University, comes in to discuss the scientific merits of everything paranormal, from unidentified aeria phenomenon to the ghosts that haunt our houses.

2020.08.12 - Top of Mind with Julie Rose: The Serious Scientific Search for UFOs with Steve McDaniel, Founder, SkyHub.org (35:40)

The US Department of Defense earlier this year confirmed the legitimacy of several videos circulating online that show unidentified aerial phenomena. Notice I did not say UFO. The Defense Department doesn’t use that term. They’ve simply said the strangely-moving blobs of light captured on camera by Navy pilots are unidentified–could be some crazy drone a hobbyist built or a stealth spy plane from a foreign country. It could also be aliens, I suppose. An open source project called SkyHub is working to get more clarity on these unidentified aerial phenomena, scientifically.

2020.08.07 - Summer of Strangeness: Steve McDaniel and Adam Allen talk to Binnall about Sky Hub

BoA's Summer of Strangeness continues as we welcome Steve McDaniel and Adam Allen for a conversation about their new project SkyHub, which aims to create "a world-wide, public search for UAPs using a global network of machine-learning, smart cameras, and sensor-arrays." 

2020.07.10 - Sky Hub Chair of Science Chris Cogswell interviewed by Tim Binnall on BoA Summer of Strangeness

BoA's Summer of Strangeness continues as we welcome scientist and podcaster Chris Cogswell to the program. We'll discuss his scientific background, his brief stint as MUFON's Director of Research, the current state of UFO studies, the weird world of the paranormal, and his Mad Scientist Podcast. 



Former members of UAPTN launch Sky Hub, a continuation of the global UAP Tracking Network project.


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