What is “Sky Hub?”

By: Steve McDaniel, September 29, 2020

Sky Hub is a group of engineers, researchers, scientists and enthusiasts who believe that the Scientific Method is the best approach to studying what is commonly called the UAP Phenomenon and more recently labeled “UAPs.” We established a non-profit organization and we embarked on this scientific effort, making sure to apply healthy dose of scientific skepticism along the way...

The Rise of Sky Hub

By: Adam Allen, September 29, 2020

It was a little after 9:00 pm on a rainy Wednesday night in May, 2020.

It had been nearly four months since Steve McDaniel and Corey Gaspard met and started spending all their free time writing code together. Following the release of the now infamous U.S. Navy video of the hazy UAP aptly-named the “Tic Tac” in 2017, they both had one very eccentric goal: to be the first software engineers to use artificial intelligence to catch a UFO on video — while also capturing its other physical signatures with a bevy of other specialized sensors — bolstering their chances of ensuring its authenticity and gaining measurable data...

The Subtle Art of 'Hacking' UFOs

By: MJ Banias, July 28, 2020

The UFO community might be looking for aliens, but with projects like Sky Hub, their work could yield technological breakthroughs even if they don't find any.

In July of 1853, four immense and mysterious black ships steamed into Tokyo Bay, belching smoke from their tall stacks. The Japanese navy, whose sailing ships made of wood and bearing tall sailed masts, surrounded the mysterious vessels. Sailors stood in awe on their boats' decks, wondering how these four bizarre ironclad ships moved without the support of the wind or sails...



Former members of UAPTN launch Sky Hub, a continuation of the global UAP Tracking Network project.


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