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A world-wide, public search for UAPs using a global network of machine-learning, smart cameras and sensor-arrays built by you with our opensource software

Our Principles and Purpose

  1. WHY SKY HUB - On April 27, 2020, the Pentagon confirmed, for the second time, that there are beyond-next-generation objects of unknown origin flying in our skies, unabated. Given the low-cost & the capability of today’s consumer grade technology, there has never been a better time to assemble a network of smart sensors to capture these objects’ digital signatures.
  2. MACHINE LEARNING - The driving forces behind this project are: 1) the rapid growth and evolution of machine-learning for streamlining the analysis of large data sets; 2) the increasing affordability of AI-ready hardware like the Nvidia Jetson Nano; and 3) the continuing, perplexing presence of unidentified aerial phenomenon in our skies.
  3. GROUP EFFORT - Given the timing of the facts above, we are creating a crowd-sourced network of smart Trackers that will each recognize with “Edge Processing” whether an anomalous event has occurred, and that will each automatically upload the anomalous data to the Sky Hub Cloud.
  4. OPEN SOURCE - UFO data—like all data concerning the public good—should be made and kept Public. We created Sky Hub with the ultimate goal of building and hosting a worldwide, digital UFO database that anyone can access and use under a Creative Commons License using our opensource software created by us and offered to the public under the MIT license.

Sky Hub Components

The Sky Hub system contains 3 components. The tracker, the sensor array and the cloud.



At the edge of the Sky Hub network is the Tracker Sensor Array. It incorporates a broad selection of environmental sensors in a single, weather-ready enclosure. The TSA will initially support Video Feeds (RTSP & USB), GPS, Inclinometer, Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Magnetometer, ADS-B and RF Spectrum Analysis. Additionally, Sky Hub's open source platform allows for effortless expansions and future device support. Developing improved and updated sensor support will be a continuing mission of the project, in concert with incoming types of data.



The tracker is the brains of the system. It contains the AI core running on the Jetson Nano platform. The tracker is responsible for monitoring the data feeds from the sensors and uses AI to determine when anomalous events oocur. When these events are detected data is recorded and relayed to the cloud.



The Sky Hub Cloud receives anomalous event data from the public network of Trackers, where it is collected and stored. Access to this data will remain open and licensed to the public for any and all educational purposes.


Join our team of developers and testers while we discuss the build out and deployment of the Tracker network

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Be a part of the team by becoming a sponsor on Patreon.   Donations will be used to purchase test hardware for a variety of platforms, data storage costs, sensors, and cloud infrastructure.

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Former members of UAPTN launch Sky Hub, a continuation of the global UAP Tracking Network project.


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